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Real-time tactical security enhancement system

Rob provides critical and on demand contextual information for your security workforce.


Accurate Information & Timely Action, is of the essence when dealing with unpredictable events that come in the world of security monitoring and management.

Security Personnel around the clock have to deal with a stream of ongoing, demanding and challenging situations, that they often find themselves ill prepared or exhausted to meet.

Existing solutions that barely solve the problem, are either too cumbersome, or expensive as they require a heavy set up of infrastructure and maintenance system and prone to multiple points of failure.

Keeping this in mind, Rob has been crafted after working closely with agents ranging from various law enforcement to personal security agencies, in designing a secure and custom Smart Glass solutions for a range of classified scenarios met by the workforce on the line of duty.

Our Solution pair provides a hands-free and lightweight smart feature rich enhancement, which is radical yet refined to provide tactical advantages on the field with no compromise on reliability and robustness.

Our ability to craft custom solution to fit unique requirements is what sets us apart from being a preferred partner to multiple agencies across the world.

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