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Real time Smart Inspection and Task Allocator/Manager

Rob provides real-time and contextual tasklist and guidance to your workforce empowering them to deliver results. Every time.


Upholding highest standards of service delivery and ensuring safety, is a direct result of the effort and expertise put by quality testers, analyst and inspectors in a company.

A little mishap or skipped step at any point of work will derange the entire work assembly or the output.

This is ever more critical and of utmost importance in industries as healthcare, manufacturing and aerospace, where the system and quality checklists are vast, and experts having vast experience are needed to ensure quality checks.

Our advanced solutions enable the upskilling of workers in a multi modal interactable way, which is also intuitive and easy to adopt.

Rob provides contextual content to reduce decision latency.

Real time workforce guidance

Contextual Checklist

Paired with an advanced Smart Glass, workforce are now presented with contextual and dynamic content that can provide step by step guidance. They would never accidentally skip or perform a check on a faulty method. No more carrying of heavy checklist and operation manuals.

Complete Access

Decision and knowledge latency can be eliminated with advanced audio visual systems and connectivity, wherein the workforce can instantly connect to supervisory staff, record operations, as well as have access to feeds of company wide data systems and equipment.

Auto Evidencing

Inbuilt camera and barcode scanning systems not only let expert workforce to capture solutions to be added to the company knowledge repo, they also make auditing and logging of tasks much simpler.

Voice and Motion gesture control systems fully enable the workforce to perform the task at hand with much ease, as they can now go completely hands-free.

The whole system is easily scalable , secure and can be integrated within existing procedures and routines specific to your business needs.

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