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Vision Picking & Placing

Advanced Smart Assist Solution

Rob is the advanced smart technology solution that helps your logistics workforce increase their efficiency.


Roboxa’s advanced AR-enabled logistic smart application, paired with top of the line industrial Smart Glass device, has a proven output of directly increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your workforce.

Considering the demanding and fast-paced environment that your workforce operates in, we have crafted our AR solution to be the best on-site assistant application that streamlines, at the same time automates and empowers your workforce to just focus on what they do best in a way that has a direct impact on productivity.

Experimenting & Implementing a system-wide process change that can work on top of existing operation process can be expensive, resource and infrastructure intensive and downright chaotic in a live-work environment.

A good system which can increase worker productivity & process efficiency is one which is seamless in integration with an existing process with absolutely no additional infrastructure changes, intuitive that your workforce can pick it up with no extensive training, also immersive that it feels as a natural extension of their capabilities.

At Roboxa, we have crafted and tuned just the right cutting edge solution, that achieves all of the above parameters.

With Advanced inbuilt video conferencing capabilities, voice command, onboard GPS, and head-mounted optical display at its disposal, our smart application offer an immersive, seamless and intuitive experience to the wearer unlike any other solutions in the market.

Rob empowers your workforce with bespoke solutions to make them efficient & productive.

Seamless, intuitive and immersive

On Demand & Hands Free

With advanced inbuilt 2-way audio/video interactive display & camera that doubles as barcode scanner, your team can get manifests approved faster and on demand. This eliminates the need for manual logging and auditing of inventory items, instantly raising remote support in case of exception handling and ensure service compliances are met.

Route Optimization

Onboard GPS and Visual Tracking system in tandem with voice prompts can guide the worker to the right location of storage bay and bin. Preloaded picking list presented to them can optimize the best route to follow in the warehouse, in a way it saves time and energy.

Packaging Optimization

Onboard Gyroscopic Sensor and Visual Tracking system in tandem with voice prompts, can effectively guide the worker in picking up the right items and package them in the correct sequence. This eliminates unnecessary waste of shipping space or skipping out on a product.

Incorporating top of the line industrial Smart Glass devices with our proprietary Augmented Reality enabled smart application, your workforce are now empowered with bespoke solutions to make them efficient & productive.

With Roboxa as your co-pilot, you can rest assured that its always the results that speak for themselves in terms of ROI and workforce productivity.

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